Cocktails, Concerts & Conversations with Chautauqua Dance featuring Pilobolus

With their Big Five-OH (50th anniversary) year upon them, Pilobolus comes on our Virtual Porch to share videos and stories about where they have been and where they are going, as world-renowned and visionary company. Pilobolus’s Co-Artistic Directors Renee Jaworski and Matt Kent will come into conversation with Chautauqans as we explore both historical and recent video footage, including footage taken days prior from their distanced 2020 Festival. Cocktails, Concerts & Conversations is the CHQ Assembly performing arts series intended to connect people through music, theater and dance. Mondays will feature Opera artists and be hosted by Chautauqua Opera Company General and Artistic Director Steven Osgood; Tuesdays will feature Chautauqua Dance and be hosted by Artistic Advisor Sasha Janes; Wednesdays will feature Theater artists and be hosted by Chautauqua Theater Company Artistic Director Andrew Borba; Thursdays will feature soloists in recital and be hosted by Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra Music Director Rossen Milanov, and Fridays will feature popular entertainment artists and be hosted by Vice President of Performing and Visual Arts Deborah Sunya Moore. We hope this panoply of performances will lift your spirits and invite you to bring those spirits (ones that fill both your heart and your glass) to join us at 5:00 p.m. on most weekdays through the summer. Be it with cocktail or mocktail, come for conversation. Every artist on this series is eager to welcome you into the conversation — see you there!